Who We Are

Pepin Family Foundation

Founded over 20 years ago, the Pepin Family Foundation is, at its core, a family-led foundation. Two generations of the descendants of our founders, Art and Polly Pepin, work together to continue the philanthropic legacy in the Tampa Bay Community. We are always looking for new ways to give back to those who give back. Our goal is to support our teachers, students, doctors, nurses, counselors, and individuals so they can take on the world. We are the helping hand.

By increasing access and quality of special education and heart health care, we have invested in our community since ‘97.

Mission & Vision

As we focus on making an impact that improves the lives in our community today, our goal is to ensure our legacy is to give back for many generations to come. This goal is why the work we do carries a greater purpose in improving the quality of life in Tampa Bay. Through empathy and strength, we are constantly evaluating our efforts to cater to those who need it the most.


Our family-led foundation is the helping hand to our communities most at-risk populations through education and health care. While building lasting friendships with like-minded partners, we aim to create family among community with increased access to health care, individualized learning, and community caring.


Our vision is to encourage the growth and access to specialized disabled learning and the best of the best cardiac care.

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Board Members

Meet the People Behind the Scenes

Tina Pepin

Tina Pepin


Hi! My name is Tina, and I am the Director of the Pepin Family Foundation. I am a recent graduate of Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. Although I loved my time there, I couldn’t get home fast enough to get to work. I grew up around the most giving of people, and following their example, my heart always takes the reigns in all I do. While preserving our mission and values daily, my goal is to represent my family’s vision to positively impact as many lives as we can. I currently serve as secretary on the Pepin Academies Foundation board and look forward to what’s to come in Tampa Bay.

Tom Pepin

Tom Pepin


Alongside my parents, Art and Polly Pepin, we began the Pepin Family foundation to serve all those who serve. It started as a memorial fund to one of my best friends, Chris Fredo, and has since catapulted to new heights of giving. Through decades in Tampa Bay, we continue to impact the lives of the most at-risk populations in our area. I am proud to have been a voice for those individuals in the community, and our commitment to the community has only gotten stronger as we carry on.