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Our Mission

Our family-led foundation is the helping hand to our communities most at-risk populations through education and health care. While building lasting friendships with like-minded partners, we aim to create family among community with increased access to health care, individualized learning, and community caring.

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Individualized Learning
Community Caring

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About Us

The Pepin Family Foundation has served in the Tampa Bay Area for over 20 years. We dream of building a better tomorrow through lasting friendships with community partners who share our vision. Through successful individualized learning models for our most at-risk population of children and young adults at the Pepin Academies, we understand that belonging leads to learning. Our vision spreads to the eradication of heart disease through state-of-the-art research and delivery of revolutionary patient-centered care at Pepin Heart Institute. Lastly, we provide a space for community culture and cuisine at the beautiful TPepins Hospitality Centre.