Growing Stronger Communities Since 1986!


Growing Stronger Since 1986!

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We are a family-led foundation focused on education, health care, transportation, and mental health wellness services for professionals on the front line.

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About Us

For decades, the Pepin family has strategically allocated our resources to those most in need around our community. We continue building a better tomorrow alongside family, friends, and community partners who share our vision. Through Pepin Academies' successful individualized learning models for our most at-risk population of children and young adults, we embody belonging leading to learning. Our vision spreads to eradicating heart disease through state-of-the-art research and delivering revolutionary patient-centered care at Pepin Heart Institute. Most recently, our passion for a better tomorrow has led us to being founding members and partners in multiple mental health and resiliency training programs supporting our communities first responders. Our law enforcement officers, firefighters, paramedics and all professionals on the front-line experience traumatic events at an alarming rate and continue to serve willingly - it is our turn to serve them. Lastly, we continue to provide a space for community culture and cuisine at the beautiful Pepin’s Hospitality Centre.